Institute of Political Science and Public Administration is a publisher of the following academic journals:


Border and Regional Studies (2013-ongoing) – is a peer-reviewed, academic journal published quarterly, in open access. The journal is dedicated to the advancement and development of the latest thinking in the border, borderlands, and regional studies. The Journal publishes articles from different disciplines that cover and explain the mentioned problems or different phenomena affected by the processes of bordering, de-bordering, re-bordering, and regionalization. Due to the interdisciplinary character of borderlands studies, the journal consists of articles published by political scientists, geographers, sociologists, economists, and also scholars from other disciplines.


ETE Working Paper (2015-2018) – is a peer-reviewed journal, published in open access. Journal is dedicated to the development of the research on doctrines of integration in European countries. Journal is published in Polish language


Studia Krytyczne/Critical Studies (2015-2020) – is open access online bilingual (Polish and English) academic journal, rigorously peer-reviewed that publishes original research and review articles in the social sciences and humanities. It is the journal´’s mission to encourage fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas and connect experienced academics and young scholars in inspiring reflections. Journal analyzes the world and local politics, the global economy, protest movements, contemporary social theory, history, philosophy, and culture. Journal is published twice a year and considers articles for publication all year round.