Institute of Political Science of the University of Opole – studying politics in the multicultural heart of Central Europe

The Institute of Political Science of the University of Opole in Poland is a strong regional academic community providing expertise, new ideas and cadres for regional political and economic institutions. It was established in 2004 and currently employs more than 30 political scientists.The distinctive asset of the Institute is its attractive location in one of the multicultural regions of Central Europe. Opole Voivodeship, as an area of socio-cultural borderland, attracts with its cultural diversity and offers interesting material to conduct research. This co-existence of four cultures: Polish, Silesian, German and Czech has an important impact on the research profile of the Institute of Political Science, but members of our academia reach beyond the regional realities, focusing they scholarly attention also on countrywide and international issues. These multidimensional interests are reflected in the organisational structure of the Institute:

  • Chair of Regional Studies
  • Chair of International Relations
  • Chair of Political Systems
  • Chair of Journalism and Social Communication
  • Department of European Studies
  • Department of Political Theory and Political Thought


The Institute of Political Science and its studying offer

The Institute of Political Science is an important forge of cadres and future leaders. In the academic year 2017/2018 there were around 450 students in the precious walls of our Institute and we have around 140 graduates each year. As we trace carrer paths of our graduates, we have found that currently there are 12 mayors and voyts, 25 local councillors, more than  200 civil servants and around 50 journalists among them. For those who wish to study in the Institute we offer the following programmes in Polish language:

  • Political Science (BA/MA/PhD)
  • Political Science with specialisation in uniformed services (BA)
  • International Relations (BA/MA)
  • International Security (BA)
  • Journalism and Social Communication (BA)
  • Public Management (MA)
  • Public Relations (BA/MA)

and in English language:

  • Political Science with specialisation Europa Master


The Institute of Political Science is a publisher of three journals: